We’re a talent-led business
that builds talent-led businesses.

Comprehensive suite of talent solutions that build businesses

Retained Search. RPO. Sourcing, contract recruiting, and everything in between. With a wide array of recruiting and research models to choose from, it is no wonder that the average organization becomes overwhelmed.

We have news for you: few of them aren't as effective as they could be today. With stringent models, questionable technology, long term agreements, and oversimplified plans of action, the average search firm simply cannot handle the modern client’s hiring challenges. In a world of modernization and cutting edge hiring tactics, most research and recruiting firms find themselves trapped in the Dark Ages.


Qualigence Group BRANDS


Qualigence International
Our Team is Built to Build Yours

Qualigence International, the largest Recruitment Research and professional search firm in the US, proudly serves as a unique alternative to traditional retained or contingent recruiting models.

We’re advocates of redefining talent acquisition, and empowering our clients with research and recruiting services that build business.

A new standard of contract staffing

Our mission is to create an unprecedented level of transparency in the contract staffing industry, yielding a stronger partnership for clients and candidates.
Qualigence Project Outsourcing
We are redefining executive search for a world that is in an ultra-competitive search for the right talent.
Manell Group was formed to address each clients’ need for a high value executive search service differentiated from the competition by its combination of responsiveness, agility, compensation model, and quality of insights into both the market and prospective candidates.

Become a Certified Recruiting Professional

At The Recruitment Education Institute, we believe there is a baseline of knowledge that recruiters at any experience level should understand and apply. These core strategies, best practices, and processes can be implemented through obtaining a thorough understanding of what it means to be an exceptional recruiter today.
Recruitment Education Institute

QGroup Timeline

July 27

Qualigence, Inc. Founded

Qualigence, Inc. Founded
  • July 1999 - Founded in Steve Lowisz's basement
  • August 1999 - Moved into first location – 2000 Sq Feet
  • October 1999 - Moved into larger space – 4000 Sq Feet
  • February 1999 - Assumed more space – 6000 Sq Feet
  • September 2000 - Moved into new corporate location
  • October 2000 - Began training recruiters under Qualigence, Inc.
March 11

Competitive Intelligence Service Addition

Competitive Intelligence Service Addition
  • Added as a formal service about 2000
  • Compensation, market structures, etc
April 25

Diversity Identification Service Addition

Diversity Identification Service Addition
  • Added as a formal service in 2003
  • Originally as part of competitive intelligence to do comparison – not for recruiting purposes
April 11

Steve Lowisz – CEO, Qualigence Finalist

Steve Lowisz – CEO, Qualigence Finalist
February 3

Learning Conference Corporation Founded

Learning Conference Corporation Founded
  • Founded February 2008
  • Recruiter Training and Learning conferences
  • Eventually become Recruitment Education Institute
May 3

Qualigence Selected – MI 50 Companies to Watch

Qualigence Selected – MI 50 Companies to Watch
December 6

Recruitment Education Institute

Recruitment Education Institute
  • Formed December 6, 2011
  • Renamed from The Learning Conference Corporation
  • Formal training and certification for recruiters
December 31

Qualigence Cares Foundation

Qualigence Cares Foundation
  • Formed 12/31/2013
  • Non-Profit foundation where Qualigence puts a % of profits
  • Focused on helping those in need in our local community
July 24

Project Outsourcing Added

Project Outsourcing Added
  • Alternative to clients who did not want RPO
  • Formally branded after providing project based services for years
January 9

Executive Level Contract Staffing Service Added

Executive Level Contract Staffing Service Added
  • Executive level contract staffing under the Qualigence Brand
  • Focused in HealthCare
May 12

Impact Fitness Gym

Impact Fitness Gym
Founded May 2015 at Qualigence headquarters to provide Gym facilities to team!
August 4


  • Professional level contract staffing across United States
  • Added head of Business Development October 2016
January 5

101 Best & Brightest

101 Best & Brightest
Qualigence International was named one of the Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® In The Nation in 2016.
February 1

Manell Group Executive Search

Manell Group Executive Search
  • Founded February 2017
  • Break out Executive Search services from Qualigence
February 24

Qualigence Group Formed

Qualigence Group Formed
  • Holding company for Qualigence International, QResources, REI, Aquire Corp and Manell
  • Formed to combine all of the services under one umbrella
  • Coordinated approach to each client – offering full suite of services focus on the right people, in the right seat, at the right time, and for the right reason.
      • Research
      • Competitive Intelligence
      • Search
      • Contract/Project Based Recruiting
      • High Volume Staffing
      • Project Outsourcing
      • Executive Search
      • Contract Staffing
      • Professional Employer Organization
      • Education